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英国气候变化法案低碳经济立法论文-The British "climate change bill" research

英国低碳经济立法论文The British "climate change bill" research and the enlightenment

【 abstract 】 along with the rapid development of economy, environment problem increasingly serious, mainly in carbon dioxide emissions of greenhouse gases is more and more, thus caused by climate change also has become a focus. Climate change with the great harm makes human living environment is becoming more and more severe, and maybe one day in the movie "2012" scene really would come to our head. To actively respond to climate change, and the development of "the low carbon economy" has become the world's important task. The development of "the low carbon economy", on the one hand, is actively undertake environmental protection duty, complete the country's energy consumption index requirements; On the other hand is the adjustment of economic structure, improving energy efficiency, emerging industry development, the construction of ecological civilization. This is abandoned before treatment after pollution, first low end, after extensive first after the development model of intensive realistic approaches, is to realize the economic development and the resource environmental protection win-win inevitable choice. In a worldwide effort to advocated the development of "low carbon economy" international background, the British as a global response to climate change, the development of "the low carbon economy" actively advocates and pioneer, in 2008, and formally by the climate change bill ", became the first law of carbon emissions to the country, have published detailed the British low carbon transformation "national strategic plan. The climate change bill "is the earliest by friends of the earth the drafting of a common senator bill, on April 7, 2005 the British parliament submitted deliberation. After legislation of scrutiny, up and down before the senate after intense debate, finally in November 26, 2008 officially passed into law. The climate change bill "all the... More reduction

【Abstract】 With the fast development of the economic, the environmental problems become more and more serious, Mainly carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions more and more, The resulting global climate change is becoming the focus. Great damage to climate change makes the survival of the human environment has become increasingly harsh, Perhaps one day the scene in movie "2012" really falling on our head. Positively tackling climate change, develop" low-carbon economy" has become an important task of the wo... More reduction

【 key words 】 climate change; British climate change bill; A low carbon economy; Legislation;

【 Key words 】 Climate change; The Climate Change Bill; Low-carbon economy; Legislation;

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