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Economic Law:有关经济法的作业考试问题

1b)  Alan is a member of the VU Table Tennis Club Inc. During the club's end of financial year meeting Alan had a heated exchange with the chair of the meeting who refused to allow Alan to ask the committee questions about the poor financial position of the club. Following the meeting Alan received a Notice of Expulsion. The Club sought to expel Alan under rule 34(1) of its constitution which set out the grounds upon the club could expel a member including that a member could be expelled for “conduct unbecoming a member”. Alan’s membership fees are unpaid. 
Advise Alan of his rights under s14A and s14B of the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 that are attached herein.
Would your answer be different if the VU Table Tennis Club was a company limited by guarantee?
Associations Incorporation Act 1981 - SECT 14A 
Enforceability of rules and purposes
14A. Enforceability of rules and purposes
(1) The rules of an incorporated association constitute the terms of a
contract between the incorporated association and its members for the time
(1A) Subject to this Act, an incorporated association must not-
   (a)  exercise any power that the incorporated association is prohibited, by
        the rules of the incorporated association, from exercising; or
   (b)  exercise any power contrary to a restriction on the exercise of that
        power contained in the rules of the incorporated association; or
   (c)  do any act that is outside the scope of the statement of purposes of
        the incorporated association.
(1B) The public officer or a member of the committee of an incorporated
association must not in any way, by act or omission, directly or indirectly,
be knowingly concerned in or party to a contravention by the incorporated
association of subsection (1A).
(2) The Magistrates' Court may, on the application of an incorporated

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