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General Feedback for Media Report Analysis
Business Law 100

CIC Students – Below is feedback given by the Unit Controller to all Bentley students after their Media Report Analysis had been marked and returned. Some of the issues addressed may help you when you are preparing your report.

留学生论文网In the list of common errors we start with the following comment:
As an overall comment, most of the problems seem to be caused by students failing to engage with the materials or staff until the week or night before the assessment becomes due and starting their assessments late (we can tell this by looking on the metadata in students' papers). Generally students in this situation don't answer the question, they haven't taken the time to learn how to reference, they don't read the comprehensive instructions or unit outline with sufficient care.
Students should be aware that the date and time that they created their assignment is recorded in the document, which can be (and is often) checked.
The big ones (ones that relate to substance)

Not reading the question or instructions as to the topics being assessed with sufficient care. We know this seems pretty obvious but it is a very common error.

Solution: READ the question. Ask yourself what does the question want you to discuss? Also look for any additional instruction that comes with the assignment and pay attention. We are not out to ambush students – just to reward those who do the work set.

Poor or no referencing. This is actually extremely important, as failure to properly acknowledge your sources can in some circumstances be classified as academic misconduct which has serious consequences.

Solution: Slides on referencing have been added to Moodle and the library also produces referencing guides that you should read before you submit your assignment.

Firstly, you must provide references in your assignment. You have been told not to research outside of the course materials. This means that you must reference the textbook and course materials where appropriate.

Providing a single reference at the end of your assignment is not sufficient. You need to show the marker which parts of your assignment are sourced from elsewhere. If don’t adequately reference we can’t tell which are your ideas and which are someone else’s.

It is vital that for each component taken from somewhere else you provide either a footnote or an in-text reference. For this unit you can use the Chicago method or the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. Curtin University generally uses the Chicago method and lawyers the AGLC. The choice is yours.

Where you take a direct quote from the textbook it should appear in quotation marks. At the end of the quote you should provide your reference e.g. (Smith 2007, 25). In this example, Smith is the author, the book was published in 2007 and the specific quote that you have taken comes from page 25 of that source. You must provide the page number in your references.

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