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英国留学生法律专业论文定制:Legal protection of

Example 2
Title of Project
Legal protection of Computer Software: copyrights, patents and confidentiality, A Comparative study of the current law in the United Kingdom and the United States.
Aims of Project
英国论文网The project will examine the problems in the United Kingdom and the UnitedStates with the protection of computer software from the perspectives of thecomputer industry and the consumers, areas covered will be confidentialinformation, copyrights and patents.
The ability to prevent others copying is just one aspect of protecting computersoftware. It is also necessary to know how to copy lawfully to remain competitive
without infringing the Intellectual Property rights of others. Protecting computersoftware is vital to success in obtaining and maintaining a competitive advantagein any industrial and commercial activity these days.The project will examine the development of legal protection for computersoftware from the past, where no definition for computer software existed through
to the present day where computer software is protected as a literary work, settingout the grounds for protection and the effect of lack of protection on the computer
industry. subsistence of copyright in computer software will be examined, mainlycomparing the law under the Copyright Act 1956 as against the Copyright,
Designs and Patent Act 1988 which is the current law.The United Kingdom approach to copyright protection for computer software shallbe explored. Factors considered by the courts will be examined to illustrate theUK position on the issue of non literal copying. Arguments for and against patentprotection for computer software will also be considered.
The idea/expression dichotomy will also discussed. Moving on to the UnitedStates approach, the Abstraction-Filtration-Comparison tests and the issue of userinterfaces will be considered. A comparison will be made between the UnitedKingdom approach to copyright protection for computer programs with that of theUnited States.
The patentability of computer programs will be closely examined. Why do weneed patents? The reason for which the software industry has found it hard toobtain patent protection for computer programs related inventions in the UnitedKingdom will be looked at and compared to the US approach. An overview of thefuture of this area of the law will also be investigated.
The technical overview of new and emerging technologies, such as thesemiconductor protection schemes, and the impact of this form of protection on
the computer software industry will be explored. Suggestions will then be made
of such a form of protection to some computer software products.
The law of confidential information is proposed as another method for protectingcomputer programs. The suitability of this method of protection will be reviewed

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