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英国运输新政之政府白皮书Paper report-A New Deal for Transport Better for

-英国运输新政政府白皮书Paper report-A New Deal for Transport Better for Everyone-The Government's White Paper on the Future of Transport
Scope of the White Paper
Chapter 1: A New Deal for Transport
Chapter 2: Sustainable Transport
Chapter 3: Integrated Transport
Chapter 4: Making it Happen
Chapter 5: Sharing Responsibility
There is now a consensus for radical change in transport policy. The previousGovernment's green paper paved the way with recognition that we needed to improvepublic transport and reduce dependence on the car. Businesses, unions, environmentalorganisations and individuals throughout Britain share that analysis.
This White Paper builds on that foundation.For the last two decades, the ideology of privatisation, competition and deregulation has
dominated transport policy. Bus and rail services have declined whilst traffic growth hasresulted in more congestion and worsening pollution.
This White Paper fulfills our manifesto commitment to create a better, more integratedtransport system to tackle the problems of congestion and pollution we have inherited. Itis timely. In its Green Paper the previous Government recognised that we could not go onas before, building more and more new roads to accommodate the growth in car traffic.With our new obligations to meet targets on climate change, the need for a new approachis urgent.
As a car driver, I recognise that motorists will not readily switch to public transportunless it is significantly better and more reliable. The main aim of this White Paper is toincrease personal choice by improving the alternatives and to secure mobility that issustainable in the long term.
Better public transport will encourage more people to use it. But the car will remainimportant to the mobility of millions of people and the numbers of people owning cars
will continue to grow. So we also want to make life better for the motorist. The prioritywill be maintaining existing roads rather than building new ones and better managementof the road network to improve reliability.
More bus lanes, properly enforced, will make buses quicker and more reliable. Even asmall increase in the numbers of bus passengers will transform the economics of the busindustry, allowing higher levels of investment in new buses and new and more frequentservices.
This White Paper isn't just about national policy. Local transport plans will create apartnership between local councils, businesses, operators and users. Local initiatives suchas safer routes to schools will give parents more confidence in letting their children maketheir own way. CCTV cameras in car parks and bus stations will make users, especiallywomen, feel safer.

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