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如何代写mba thesis?mba thesis如何代写

如何代写mba thesis?mba thesis如何代写

论文用途:mba课程作业mba thesis

1. When the US falls into a recession, what tends to happen to stock prices? How will stock prices respond to the changes in monetary policy?

2. If the stock market is efficient, does it make sense to study economics and econometrics and data in order to find profitable rules of trading and investment?

3. When you buy oil futures contracts and make money by predicting correctly that oil price in the future spot market is higher than today’s future price of oil, where do your profits really come from? What is the economic value added of such speculation activity?

4. When the interest rate is higher in Australia than in Japan, is it profitable to borrow money in the Japanese yen and invest it in Australia and cover the exchange rate risk with a forward contract to convert the future Australian dollar back into the Japanese yen?

5. When banks raise loan rates, there would be less borrowers who want to repay their loans would be less but more borrowers who are likely to default. Is this a problem of adverse selection or moral hazard?

6. Why is commercial banking inherently prone to crises? In what ways do deposit insurance and lending from the central bank may help to reduce the likelihood of banking crises?

7. In what ways is the 2008 financial crisis different from traditional banking crises? What role does loan securitization Play?

8. The house price bubble is the central element in the 2008 financial crisis. S&P Case‐Shiller 20‐City Home Price Index rose from 100 in January 2001, peaked at 206 in June 2006, and fell to 136 by February 2012. What are the essential ingredients for a financial price bubble to appear? How did they play out in the 2008 financial crisis?

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