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英国重点大学mba thesis:Methodology

论文题目:research methods
补充要求和说明:1.写作格式及其他注意事项请参照dissertation handbook内的规定 2.研究数据可以虚假,但数据的搜集来源以及涉及到的公司名称请编写完整,并用SPSS软件作分析。 3.在分析数据及整个论文的写作中请多用些图表来论证和陈列数据 4.第四章写完后先发给我,剩余部分可待全部完成后一起发过来


1 Introduction
The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the methodology of  this dissertation. The second section discussed the choice of methodology in this paper. The third part explained the methods selected in this study. The fourth part presented the research question. The fifth part showed the research instruments. The sixth part discussed the method of data statistics. The last part of the paper points out the limitations of the methodology.

2 Choice of methodology
Positivism was adopted as the research philosophy of this study. Positive research refers to the research that researchers carry out for putting forward theoretical hypotheses or testing theoretical hypotheses by gathering observation data by themselves. Positive research has a distinct characteristic of direct experience. The basic principles that positivism advocate are the objectivity and universality of scientific conclusion, emphasizing that knowledge must be established based on empirical facts of observation and experiment. The principles require revealing general conclusions through experienced or observed data and experimental research means, and this kind of conclusion should be provable in same conditions. According to the above principles, positive research methods can be summarized as a kind of research method which is through a number of observations, experiments and investigations towards research objects to obtain objective material, from individual law to general law to sum up the essence of things. In this research, firstly of all, it was based on relevant existing literatures to propose research questions and hypotheses. Then it was through collecting first-hand information to confirm or reject the research hypotheses, summing up related features of cost control of the hospitality industry in China to propose recommendations for cost control of the hospitality industry in China in future. This paper adopted a deductive approach, as there were a large number of research theories about cost control and cost control methods, this study deduced researches on cost control problems of the Chinese hospitality industry from the theories.

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