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Forfeiting partly paid shares部分股份被没收
  (a) If a member fails to pay the whole of a call or an instalment of a call by the time specifiedfor payment, the directors may serve a notice on that member:如果一个成员无法付清全部的通话的费用。或者需要分期付款支付给公司董事的话,满足这样的条件,需要提供一份书面通知给那位成员:
(1) requiring payment of the unpaid part of the call or instalment, together with anyinterest that has accrued and all costs, expenses or damages that the companyhas incurred due to the failure to pay;(2) naming a further time (at least 14 days after the date of the notice) by which,and a place at which, the amount payable under rule 3.4(a)(1) must be paid;and(3) stating that if the whole of the amount payable under rule 3.4(a)(1) is not paidby the time and at the place named, the shares on which the call was made willbe liable to be forfeited.(b) If a member does not comply with a notice served under rule 3.4(a), the directors may byresolution forfeit any share concerning which the notice was given at any time after theday named in the notice and before the payment required by the notice is made.(c) A forfeiture under rule 3.4(b) includes all dividends, interest and other amounts payableby the company on the forfeited share and not actually paid before the forfeiture.(d) Where a share has been forfeited:(1) notice of the resolution must be given to the member in whose name the sharestood immediately before the forfeiture; and(2) an entry of the forfeiture, with the date, must be made in the register ofmembers.(e) Failure to give the notice or to make the entry required under rule 3.4(d) does notinvalidate the forfeiture.(f) A forfeited share becomes the property of the company and the directors may sell,reissue or otherwise dispose of the share as they think fit and, in the case of reissue orother disposal, with or without crediting as paid up any amount paid on the share by anyformer holder.(g) A person whose shares have been forfeited ceases to be a member as to the forfeitedshares, but must, if the directors decide, pay to the company:(1) all calls, instalments, interest, costs, expenses and damages owing on theshares at the time of the forfeiture所有的通讯费,分期付款,利息,成本,费用和损害赔偿,在资产被没收时需要自己承担。
  (2) interest on the unpaid part of the amount payable under rule 规则项下应付的金额而未付部分的利息
  (1), from thedate of the forfeiture to the date of payment, at a rate determined under rule 3.9.(h) The forfeiture of a share extinguishes all interest in, and all claims and demands againstthe company relating to, the forfeited share and, subject to rule 3.8(i), all other rightsattached to the share.(i) The directors may:(1) exempt a share from all or part of this rule 3.4;
  (2) waive or compromise all or part of any payment due to the company under thisrule 3.4; and(3) before a forfeited share has been sold, reissued or otherwise disposed of,cancel the forfeiture on the conditions they decide.在被没收的股份被出售之前,需要重新发行或以其他方式处置,没收的条款,他们决定是否取消没收的条款。
  Members’ indemnity(a) If the company becomes liable for any reason under a law to make a payment:(1) in respect of shares held solely or jointly by a member;(2) in respect of a transfer or transmission of shares by a member;(3) in respect of dividends, bonuses or other amounts due or payable or which maybecome due and payable to a member; or(4) in any other way for, on account of or relating to a member,rules 3.5(b) and 3.5(c) apply, in addition to any right or remedy the company mayotherwise have.(b) The member or, if the member is dead, the member’s legal personal representative must:(1) fully indemnify the company against that liability;(2) on demand reimburse the company for any payment made; and(3) pay interest on the unpaid part of the amount payable to the company underrule 3.5(b)(2), from the date of demand until the date the company isreimbursed in full for that payment, at a rate determined under rule)支付的金额,根据规则决定的速率从需求的日期的支付时间算起。
3.9.(c) The directors may:
(1) exempt a share from all or part of this rule 3.5; and(2) waive or compromise all or part of any payment due to the company under thisrule 

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