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essay how to write:corporate social responsibility practice

A stitch in time.
Economist; 1/19/2008, Vol. 386 Issue 8563, special section p12-14, 3p, 1 Color Photograph, 1 Graph
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*SOCIAL responsibility of business
*RISK management
*BRAND image
*PUBLIC relations
*BUSINESS planning
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NAICS/Industry Codes 541820 Public Relations Agencies
The article discusses how corporate social responsibility

essay how to write提供论文代写服务,如有需求,请联系QQ77276002,电话: are often used as a risk management vehicle. The article explains that corporate social responsibility practices can limit the damage to the brand and the bottom line that can be inflicted by a bad press release, consumer boycotts, as well as dealing with the threat of legal actions. The article presents several instances of when a corporation used the practices to avoid a bad public image.
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A stitch in time.
Business Source Premier
Section: Just good business
A stitch in time
How companies manage risks to their reputation
Business leaders embrace corporate responsibility for a number of reasons. Lee Scott, the CEO of Wal-Mart, was converted to it by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (which showed his company's full potential to serve "not just our customers but our communities, our countries and even the world"). Others are lured by the glamour of making pledges at the Clinton Global Initiative. For some, though, it is public embarrassment and lawsuits that concentrate the mind.
Take Yahoo!, a technology company that ran into difficulties over the jailing of two Chinese dissidents after the company handed data on them to the Chinese authorities. In November Yahoo!'s chief executive, Jerry Yang, and its top lawyer had to listen to Tom Lantos, a congressman, denounce them as technology giants but moral pygmies. The following week Yahoo! reached an out-of-court settlement with the families of the jailed men.
Trouble seems to come in waves, pounding industry after industry, each time for a different reason. It has hit the oil business because of spills and explosions. Mining companies have come under attack for collusion with corrupt governments. Clothing companies have faced scandals over the use of sweatshop or child labour. The petfood industry was pilloried after cats were killed by tainted imports from China. Mattel and other makers had to recall millions of toys made in China on safety grounds.
Most of the rhetoric on CSR may be about doing the right thing and trumping competitors, but much of the reality is plain risk management. It involves limiting the damage to the brand and the bottom line that can be inflicted by a bad press and consumer boycotts, as well as dealing with the threat of legal action.

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