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How to Written Business Plan:怎么写商业计划书?

The Written Business Plan范文
Whilst contemporary research shows that the vast majority of nascent entrepreneurs andsmall business owner managers do not want to develop a formal, written business plan, thereality is that we all engage in planning in virtually every walk of life. It’s very hard to survivewithout planning and sooner or later virtually every business person will be forced into
having to write a formal plan by the requirements of at least one major stakeholder at somepoint. For most new venture proposals it is usually either seeking funding from an investor,
a loan from a bank, or a long term contract from an initial customer that provides themotivation to write the first formal plan.
A business plan is a written document that describes a business, its objectives, itsstrategies, the market it is in and its financial forecasts. It has many functions, from securingexternal funding to measuring success within your business. Your task is to prepare an initialbusiness plan covering at least the first three years of your proposed new venture
This task is set as of 9th February 2009.
Your submission should be approximately 3000 words (i.e. within 10%), plus supportingappendices, charts, diagrams and tables.
Printed submission required by:- 12.00hrsWednesday 20th May 2009 to the Postgraduate
Electronic copy must be up-loaded to Turnitin no later than 17.00hrsWednesday 20th may2009.
Return date: - to be confirmed.
The general assessment criteria for the individual assignment are as follows:-
a) the nature, characteristics and prominent features of the proposed new venture areexplained clearly;
b) the strengths of the nascent entrepreneur and the proposed team are evaluated andplaced in context;
c) there is a clear evaluation of the identified business opportunity analysing the benefitsthat the proposed venture will bring to potential customers;
d) there is a clear statement of objectives with appropriate performance measures andbenchmarks;
e) an identifiable, viable entry strategy is articulated and evaluated;
f) forecasts and financial projections are realistic and supported by evidence;
g) there is a clear statement of resource requirements and strategy to meet resource
h) personal strengths and weaknesses are analysed with reference to fundamentalrequirements within the designated contextual setting;
i) valid proposals and explanations are presented with supporting evidence;
j) the document is presented in accordance with common conventions.Higher marks will be awarded for:-
•originality and creativity of thought;
•high quality evidence to support the argument development and judgements made;
•sound underpinning conceptual frameworks;

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