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MBA thesis sample-thesis mba提纲样本-MBA in International Manage

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MBA in International Management Dissertation

18,000 words – 88 pages
Expertly written throughout
Excellent literature review
Many contemporary models used
Top quality

The purpose of this research is two-fold. The first is to identify the range of e-commerce strategies available, whether to an existing manufacturing or retailing firm or for a pure virtual company. Such an understanding would enable a company to select an e-commerce business strategy that is an appropriate for its circumstances and markets. The second is to identify and compare the business models for e-commerce companies, ranging from "clicks and bricks" to "B-2-B" and to direct "e-tailing" to end customers. Such an analysis should help companies considering the move to e-commerce understand the strengths and weaknesses of various models, and make a better-informed selection of e-commerce strategies and systems.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Background and Context
Purpose of the study

Chapter 2: The New Business Environment
The History of Internet

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