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1.专业科目Subject 题目:


3. 学校名称University name: middlesex university

4.学校所在国家: uk


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7.学术级别Study level(Bachelor -Master-PhD): master

8. 您想拿到作业的日期Deadline ( 注:我们一般都在晚上时间交给作业):2010-02-21

9. 学校要求的Assignment due day日期2010-02-21晚上

10.作业格式(Essay or Report):assement

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这是一个case study,需要看完文章之后回答四个问题


1 Review the business model of Nanophase.What are the key elements of the model?


2 Summarize the marketing strategy used by Nanophase.What is the role of collaboration and realationship marketing in the strategy?What problems(if any) do you see in the strategy?


3 What strategy do you think a competitor might use to compete against Nanophase?


4 Is management a strength in this company?Explain.


Case analysis of Nanophase
Question1: Review the business model of Nanophase. What are the key elements of the model?
Review of its business model
Nowadays, business model has widely used by both business entities and consultancy. It is an conceptual tool to simply describe the way how the companies do their businesses. The conceptual model includes value proposition, target customer segments, distribution channels, customer relationships, value configurations, core capabilities, partner network, cost structure and revenue model. The business model is used to decompose the whole business process. From the business model perspective, we can see how the Nanophase be operated. Nanophase is a company supplying certain products like nanocrystalline and service including research etc. They win most of their revenues by clearly learn the unsatisfied needs of their customers. (Chesbrough H. Richard S. 2002) Nanophase delivers the value to the customers mostly using direct marketing and trained agents, distributors for selected markets. (Rainer A. 2001)Besides, they are also engaged in other areas to bring more revenue. In addition, team work plays an important role on the business.
Key elements of the model

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