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留学生市场研究考察报告-South Africa, Brazil, Argentina electricity mark

South Africa, Brazil, Argentina electricity market operation inspection report

On October 12, 2004-28, by state grid production operations director of the YuWeiGuo carries a line of six people in South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and other countries of the electricity market operation 代写留学生电力市场营销论文was investigated. During the investigation, visited South Africa's ESKOM company, Brazil state power company, Argentina company, and with the related experts for communication and fruitful.

A, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina electricity market operation basic situation

1, South Africa electricity market operation

South Africa's power industry started in 1880. Later, with gold and diamond mines, coal mining and the scale of the growing, South Africa's power industry and continuous development. In 1922 the government expert

A electrical method, South Africa in 1923 founded The power supply commission (The Electricity SupplyCommission: ESCOM), to sending a monopoly power management. 1985 years after the modification of electrical, will committee form of entity of the company form reorganization to entities. In 1987 it instead as ESKOM and continue to use up to now. ESKOM no shareholders, through the loans, issuing bonds and sales income funds, belong to state-operated company. According to the 1987 ESKOM method, electric committee (Electricity Council) and Management Board of directors (Management Board) is founded. Electric committee is the highest policy-making body of the ESKOM, decided to policy, objectives, and implement supervision.

The board of directors of the business is business executive agencies ESKOM, the electric committee for policy management ESKOM affairs.

At present, ESKOM is the world's fourth most electric power production and fifth largest power sales enterprise, accounting for two-thirds of the capacity of the whole of Africa, has the world's largest dry power station, South Africa and all must supply 95% of the electricity consumption by 60%. It's power transmission network is the north extended into the adjacent in sub-saharan countries.

(1) the installed capacity and turbine

South Africa's power generation equipment in thermal power equipment mainly, at present thermal power installed capacity of the national total

The installed capacity of 89%, and the majority is coal-fired units, and a small amount of gas turbine

Group and diesel generating set. Gas wheel is mainly used for peak by the accident and set aside. Coal-fired unit capacity

In the s to 200000 kW is given priority to, the 70 s expanded to 500000 kW, 80

S further expand to 600000 kW or more. The power plant coal quality is poorer, ash is high, of sulfur

Low amount. Large coal fired power plant of building in coal mine area, the signet of power plant; And because the South Africa territory

Less river, water power difficulties, large-scale unit by almost all air cooling technology. 1966 years

South Africa in the first Grootvlei power plant no. 5 and 6 machine construction machine air cooling tower, mark

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