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A Marketing Communications Plan

Promoting Fair Trade and the Trade Justice Movement


I would first like to thank my knight in shining armor, Janos, for always being there for me and helping me through all of the hard times. Thank you for all of the neck rubs,going with me to the doctor, putting my computer in line, keeping a smile on my face and making me deliriously happy. You are my angel.
Thank you to my family, especially to my mom, for all of those long distance phone calls that always made me feel so much better. All of my successes   are shared with you guys as they stem from you.
To William Ang’awa, one of my mentors, thank you for always making me smile and shake my head in amazement. You have been wonderful in making a very bad incidence easier to go through. You are one of the most creative people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
Thank you to all of my family and friends abroad. And especially to John in the U.K.
Your support has gotten me through this year. Knowing that there are people like you in the world makes me so happy to be alive.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments Page 4
Table of Contents 5
List of Tables and Figures 8
Glossary of Terms 8
1.0 Communications Plan Overview 9
2.0 Current Situational Analysis 10
2.1 Introduction 10
2.2 Segmentation and the Target Market 10
2.3 Fair Trade and Cause-related Marketing 11
2.4 Tools in the Marketing Communications Mix 12
2.4.1 Advertising: Billboards 13
2.4.2 Advertising: Television 14
2.4.3 Advertising: Radio 15
2.4.4 New Media Marketing: Linking to Other Websites 16
2.4.5 New Media Marketing: Purchase of Database 17
3.0 Opportunities and Issues Analysis 18
4.0 Objectives 20
4.1 Overall Goal 20
4.2 Marketing Communications Objectives 20
4.3 The Target Audience 20
4.4 Marketing Communications Strategy 20
4.4.1 The Nature of the Product 20
4.4.2 The Marketing Mix 21
4.4.3 The Test Marketing/Marketing Research Stage 22
5.0 The Tactics and Action Program 23
5.1 Television Advertising 23
5.1.1 Television Advertising – Terrestrial, Regional 23
5.1.2 Television Advertising – Terrestrial National 23
5.1.3 Television – Satellite, National 23
5.2 Radio Advertising 24
5.2.1 Radio Advertising – Key Cities and Outer London 24
5.2.2 Radio Advertising – Inner London 24
5.3 Billboard Advertising 24
5.3.1 Advertising Outside / Street Furniture Media 26
5.4 New Media 26
5.4.1 Purchase of Domain Names (2) 26
5.4.2 Web Development and Design 26
5.4.3 Linking to Other Sites 26
5.4.4 Purchase of Database 27
5.4.5 Apple iTunes Music Campaign 27
5.5 Merchandise and Printed Promotional Materials 27
5.5.1 Wristbands 27
5.5.2 T-Shirt Campaign 27
5.5.3 Promotional Merchandise Bag 28

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