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伦敦assignment代写:数字化营销策略之网络销售计划(E-Marketing Plan)

伦敦assignment代写:数字化营销策略之网络销售计划(E-Marketing Plan)
Strategic Digital marketing E-Marketing Plan
This brief document provides you with a suggested outline for what should go into each section of your situation analysis and the e-marketing plan itself.  Please note, however, that this is a guide and not a definitive list of content.  Each student is responsible for “fine-tuning” this so that it is appropriate for the organisation you are working on and the “business opportunity” that you have identified.
Please note, you are not required to submit your situation analysis.  This is background research that you carry out in order to complete the assignment.  Evidence that you have done it will come through your e-marketing plan.
Situation Analysis


Broad scoping statement to set the scene
2. Situation Analysis – General (i.e. Marketing Audit)
Internal capability inc. Website History, current status or capabilities in terms of e-Marketing
External analysis
Micro = Industry size and trends, market factors e.g. customers (only brief statements here, more information and detail in section below) competitors, suppliers, distributors, intermediaries, stakeholder analysis
Macro = World factors e.g. PEST (or PESTEL, STEEPLE etc) Analysis
Customers and segments (far more detail and insight here than above)
Customer perceptions
Fears and phobias of the internet and online purchasing
Customers buying decision unit and process
Analysis of current method of customer segmentation

SWOT Analysis (rank ordered and data rich)
Key issues arising from the above research (link back to scoping statement) and a few problems or opportunities that your analysis has uncovered.

……end of analysis section , rest of plan below is all about the future!...............

E-Marketing Plan

Contents page (with each section numbered)
Declaration of strategic intent based on your situation analysis.
1.1  Identification and declaration of main “business opportunity“ or marketing need that you have identified for your organisation, together with a brief supporting rationale, based on the earlier research carried out for the first, group assignment the “situation analysis”.1.2 Objectives (using 5 S’s) must be SMART1.3 New segmentation, targeting & positioning1.4 Strategy for achieving your objectives (using strategy models e.g. Ansoff etc., with options  shown, recommendations made and justified)

Tactics- eMix (the 7P’s)

eTools – which methods/technology to use e.g. email, kiosks, viral etc. and why (to acquire,  enhance and retain customers)

Integration – of on & offline data, channels, communications etc.

Control & Resources
 5.1 – Control (measures) = KPI’s linked to earlier SMART objectives
 5.2 Resources – budget, people, time etc.
 5.3 Contingency plan inc budget
References / Bibliography

Appendices – (based upon your needs) App 1 –background on your organisation etc.
 App 2 – summary of situation analysis

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