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The UK Food & Drinks Market 英国食品和饮料市场
An in-depth survey of the buying needs of UK supermarket consumers

Executive Summary执行摘要
In the most exhaustive survey ever undertaken of the UK food and drinks market we interviewed over 1000 consumers to find out what their needs are both now and in the future.
The results are useful for all UK supermarkets and provide an invaluable snapshot of their current thinking.

There are differences across age groups and between products categories. Moreover, as the global economics change we are likely to see further changes in buying needs in the future.

Survey Methodology调查方法

The survey was undertaken at the start of Period 1. We spoke to 1000 adults from across the socio-economic spectrum including pensioners. We also included a significant proportion of parents in our study in order to understand the buying needs of their children.
Existing socio-economic databases were used to ensure a fair population sample. Once identified, the interviewees were telephoned and asked to complete a short questionnaire with a trained interviewer.
Interviewees were assured of their confidentiality and given a £10.00 supermarket voucher (redeemable in any supermarket) as a reward for their time.

Baby & Toddler
Green preferences have a strong impact on the Baby & Toddler market. Parents are increasingly looking at the green image of the supermarket when deciding where to buy their bay & toddler food and drinks. They want to have confidence that there is a minimum amount of additives in the products and chemicals (e.g fertilizers) used in their production.
Similarly, having the right brand in stock is seen as key. Parents tend to trust established brands and be less willing to try substitutes if their normal brand is out of stock.
With an emphasis on trusted brands it is not surprising that this is not a price-sensitive market.

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