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Introduction范例:analysis the brand value and brand loya

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Rational of this study
With the rapid development of globalization in 21st century, brand internationalization has been the hot topic in management area. With the increasing global economic integration, corporations try to留学生毕业论文写作develop their brand in the world wide in order to obtain more competitive advantages in the process of corporate internationalization. Brand internationalization has been the important development strategy to a corporation even a country. Once upon time China was considered the world's factory, ‘made in China’ was fully representative of the cheap and shoddy, and many factories in the coastal areas of China only at the bottom of the value chain of goods for foreign companies foundry has become a way of survival, and the reason why foreign companies looking for OEM manufacturers in China, because of cheap labor costs. But as China developing, more and more manufacturers and corporations found ‘made in China’ was not validity to entry global market, they wanted ‘created in China’.

One significant factor promoting brand internationalization is that consumers have shown higher and higher level of similarity in the purchasing behavior. for instance, Lenovo, Haier, TCL and so on. But, most Chinese corporations have too many problems like brand value can not reflected in international market compare with in China, wrong market position and strategy, inefficient management, and so on. Entry into WTO has offered the fair competing platform for Chinese corporations and more opportunities in the international market. It has been the focus that how Chinese corporations learn and accumulate international marketing experience, as well as improve the brand value, set up correct strategy, set up validity management of Chinese brands to increase its competitiveness in international market. That is why I choose this topic.

This research project is worth to do and it is significant as well, because it is the hot topic in the fields of brand marketing research in China that how Chinese corporations realize the brand strategy. Brand internationalization has shown its significant role of Chinese corporations in international market. But the development of Chinese brand is stall in initial stage; and most Chinese corporations face huge challenges, for instance, the weak international competence, weak willingness of brand internationalization, poor brand reputation in international market. Under this situation, it is important for Chinese corporations to change the strategy to do effective brand management.

1.2 Aims and objectives
More and more Chinese corporations want to go to the international market, want to share the market, but most of them do not have this ability yet. So, what factors should be considered when corporations enter the global market? How to set up a international brand? How to set up a correct global strategy and managing the brand? Those questions are significant to Chinese corporations before they entry international market. This study aims to investigate of the problems existing with brand internationalization use Chinese corporations as example, focus on the three issues. In detail, the aims and objectives of this study are as following.

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