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An analysis of the factors influencing Chinese consumers’ selection of iPhone
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Steve Paul Jobs says innovation is what consumers actually adopt. Since the iPhone hit the market, it received the sought after consumers. Thus, it created communication terminal sales myths time and time again. In America, as it is officially on sale for the first 200 days, Apple has sold out 400 million iPhones, with average daily volume of 2 million units. Only after 90 days, it has already occupied the U.S. smart-phone market shares approximately 20%. However, Apple company is very clear that product road is rugged in the global market. The year before last year, Apple introduced iPhone to India. What is 留学生论文网different from crowded scene in the United States is India’s first performance which is said that the reporters are more than buyers. According to expert analysis, the main reasons are lack of marketing and pricing well beyond the affordability of Indian consumers. Before iPhone being introduced to China, many people questioned whether Apple would experience the same problem on the world’s largest mobile phone market. Last year, Apple introduced iPhone to China with China Unicom in October. China Unicom is Chinese second largest mobile operator, announced on August 28 last year that Apple had signed a three-year non-exclusive agreement and planned to introduce 3G iPhone and 3GS handsets to the Chinese market. China Unicom Chairman told reporters in Hong Kong, said China Unicom would subsidize the iPhone. However, since iPhone has been on the market, it is neither as cold as the Indian market, nor smooth sailing as Apple and China Unicom expected. Chinese market is the largest market in the world, where exsits more competitions and challenges. Concerning the event of iPhone’s boosting into Chinese market, I product a survey on young people’s attitude. 42.1% of the people on the survey believe iPhone is too expensive to purchase. Most of these young people are the college students from non-rich families. Moreover, 20.4% of the people on the survey are iPhone users, white-collars with comfortable salaries.

Innovation is not what innovators have invented, but what the consumer actually adopted. It is this new standard to measure the productivity of breaking the old concept: Innovation is not the number of patents granted, but rather to win new customers and retain the existing number of consumers. iPhone is a kind of 3G brand mobile phone which is launched by Apple in 2007. It hardly attracts American consumers when it is being on the market. “iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product, more than any other market-leading mobile phone a full five years,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs said “the finger is born the ultimate pointing device, while the iPhone to use their mouse has been created since the most innovative user interface.” As the symbol of fashion and taste, iPhone becomes the pursuit objective of many young people. In China, the largest market in the world, iPhone must face more competitions and challenges than any other country’s market.

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