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英国论文网marketing代写的文章:Product Life Cycle/Competition/Branding/

英国论文网marketing代写的文章:Product Life Cycle/Competition/Branding/Pricing---iPhone-marketing论文的要求

题目:Product Life Cycle/Competition/Branding/Pricing---Iphone (Iphone 是我paper的主题)

1. Discuss which stage of the Product Life Cycle (PLC) your chosen brand’s product category is in. What is your rationale? (6/25 points).
2. Who is your primary competition? Secondary competition? Why do you think so? What does your primary competition offer that you don’t? Be specific. (7/25 points)
3. Using your text’s definition of branding (p. 247), as well as our in-class discussions, identify at least 4 brand elements of your chosen brand (there are a wide variety of places you would find these, especially if your chosen brand is a blend of product and service). Now, explain how and why you would improve one of them. Support with rationale. (6/25 points)
4. Using the pricing approaches listed on p. 266 of your text, describe the pricing approach your chosen brand uses at this time. Explain why you think they use this approach and not the other options available . (6/25 points)
英国论文网marketing代写上面是paper的要求,有4个部分。比如说第一个小问,里面的PLC这个使我们课本里面的知识,我会把那几页扫描给你们,然后你们可以根据那个写,当写好之后,它问你“what is your rationale?”这个的意思是需要找资料或者网上数据去证明自己观点。

All papers should be 3 pages in length, single spaced. Your sources and your cover pages are in addition to your 3 pages of information.

Product Life Cycle/Competition/Branding/Pricing---iPhone

Product Life Cycle (PLC), is the life cycle of a product in the market. As soon as a product comes into the market, its sales and profits will change with the passage of time. It undergoes the change from less to more, just like human life, which grows from birth to maturity and finally to death, and this is also true with the product life cycle. Only through research and trial sale can a product enter the market, and then its Product Life Cycle began. Withdrawal from the market means the end of life cycle of the product.

1. Growth stage of PLC of iPhone
I chose Apple Company’s iPhone as the theme of this paper. In my opinion, since its launch in 2007, iPhone has developed to the second stage of its product life cycle, namely, Growth. At this stage, customers are already familiar with the iPhone, and a large number of new customers began to purchase, so the market gradually expanded. Mass production for the market and relatively lower production costs leads to the rapid increase of business sales and rapid growing of profits. At the same time, the Apple Company is also committed to the upgrading of the products, in order to gain market share.

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