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澳大利亚留学生旅游专业论文-澳大利亚旅游资源开发调研-Australian tourism


Introduction 2

The first chapter Australia resource and introduce 4

1.1 Australia 4 basic situation

1.2 Australian tourism resource and introduces 5

The second chapter Australia development resources can be introduced 11

Chapter 3 Australian tourism product design. 18

3.1 18 tourist route

The plan of the 3.2 Australia 19

The fourth chapter Australian tourism resource development necessity and possibility analysis of 20

Chapter 5 tourism product marketing mode and means of 21

Chapter 6 Australia Australia travel tips.................................. 21

Reference.................................................................................................... 24



Tourism industry of the national economy as an important industry, as the world economy, a part of. Tourism activities as a form of organization, the scale of the social activities, as the world economic and cultural exchange, an important aspect, human civilization way of life as a component of the modern world along with the development of commodity economy and the world political, economic and cultural system and the formation of produce and produce develops.

Modern tourism originated in in the middle of the nineteenth century Western Europe and North America. With the emergence of the train and ship, the 70 s and 1860 s, Western Europe and North America appear special organization domestic and international tourism travel agency. From the late nineteenth century on, the subject of the tourism from a few of the nobles, monks, businessmen and scholars, politicians, and explorer, scientists, and expand to sightseeing and business activities for the main purpose of the rich people, travel range from local area to international, a transcontinental expansion.

20 (superscript th) century, the world economy in crisis, war and revolution under the impact of storm ups and downs; The world tourism up to date to waste, when was on and off, and development is slow.

20 (superscript th) century, the theme of the world from the war and revolutionary to peace and development. The revolution of science and technology is developing rapidly, and the human civilization by leaps and bounds, economic and cultural rapid development, international association increasingly frequent, people's material and cultural life and culture level increases, the world tourism is then made an unprecedented development, entering into a new stage: the revolution of science and technology development, the development of social economy and culture and the change of population institutions, the number of tourists has increased sharply, quality improvement. People work time is shortened, and the flexible promotion, the retirement age, the aging of the population in advance, employment increase of the number of women marry at a mature age, the development of the trend, immigration and exit the relaxation of the restrictions, and so on, are more people will have more time and financial resources and interested in going to the tourism activities. In the mass tourism market more prosperous, at the same time as tourists to the improvement of the quality of culture and tourism of rich experience, content and methods of tourism demand more diverse, more participation and more personalized; The development of urbanization and the strengthening of the environmental protection consciousness to the tourists to return uncut jade to return true, more eager to return to nature, ecological tourism and green tourism has become a new fashion; Curious enhance make people pay more attention to the social culture connotation of tourism, tourist will become a more and more important education mode; The revolution of science and technology leap will launch the space tourism, tourist, the return of the ancient tourism and other new up tourism projects.

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