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The thesis about the Tourism English impact of tourism cultu

小编导读:本文由代写留学生论文中心tourism management thesis专栏整理提供,全文就旅游文化的些许影响进行了相关的阐述与分析。以下节选文章精彩的部分供大家参考与学习,亦可当做参考资料使用。

I.Thinking about the Tourism English impact of tourism culture
1.1The concept of Tourism English and tourism culture

  1.1.1Tourism English professional training of professional morals, love foreign tourism work, grasps the foreign travel and hotel work necessary basic knowledge, basic theory and basic skills, understand the basic rules of foreign tourism business, have engaged in foreign tourism work the comprehensive quality and the ability of the tour guide and the hotel management of higher applied talents. Tourism culture tourism culture is the essential tourism and culture with a deep, is the tourism activity of the new special culture creation, is a new subject, the tourism industry is to realize the sustainable development initiatives and new growing point. Tourism culture, as a new form of culture, this paper reveals the tourism activities is essentially a kind of cultural activities, from culture to study human tourism activities law of development of the discipline. And all over the world countries culture includes diversity, almost hard to find a culture exactly the same countries, this determines the cultural knowledge best with imparting and show the form to introduce to broaden the form of class to locate.

1.1.2Tourism culture is the rise of modern tourism and development of important aspect, promotes the country and region between culture and science and technology exchange, promote the culture and science and technology progress, it heightens the people all over the world friendly intercourse, and enhance the friendship. Our country ancient times "read books, line miles" maxim. In the Chinese and foreign history, there are many have as a poet, writers, scholars, and tourism has the indissoluble bond Tourism English professional is a tourism as the leadership, take English as the foundation of interdisciplinary professionals, very much in line with modern vocational education, tourism

1.1.3English major students not only to master the knowledge and the abundant tourism should also be provided solid English foundation of basic skills, the vocational college courses in the process of connecting with the practice, let the vocational college students not only grasped certain knowledge of English, and combined with the application of English language will be used in practice.

II The importance of tourism culture on the major
2.1Tourism culture is not simple addition of tourism and culture, also not the hodgepodge of all kinds of culture, it is the traditional culture and tourism science phase from the combination of a new culture form. . Tourism culture in tourism English professional positioning of the tourism culture is an important tourism English professional course door, in limited time with practical for the target explain tourism culture knowledge. The main reasons are as follows: tourism English is a new subject, tourism culture, as a new form of culture, this paper reveals the tourism activities is in essence a kind of cultural activities, from culture to study human tourism development subject.

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