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留学生酒店管理硕士论文_分析中国经济型酒店及其发展策略_Analysis on China Economy Hotel

留学生酒店管理硕士论文:分析中国经济型酒店及其发展策略,中国大陆(内地)经济型酒店至今已流传甚广,填补了数百万的企业和寻求一种方便,经济,越来越舒适的休息场所休闲顾客的需要。与提供清洁的房间,delicious breakfast,良好的地理位置,酒店连锁经营,经济型酒店已经花费优势超越其他类型。然而,人们仍对这种新的酒店业,经济型酒店,也处于这个新概念的分析未确认的时期。

Leisure and Tourism Management
Master Thesis:Analysis on China Economy Hotel and its Development Strategy
Since the first opened in 1997, economy hotels in mainland China (mainland) have spread far andwide, filling a need for millions of business and leisure patrons seeking a convenient, economical,and increasingly comfortable place to rest. Economy hotels with offering cleaning room, deliciousbreakfast, good location, hotel-chain operation, already takes advantage compare other types ofhotel. However, people still unacknowledged about this new hospitality industry-economy hotel,also academic literature analysis about this new concept is root period.
Demand for economy hotels are increasing along with china has become an import tourismdestination in Asia and the fifth-largest tourism countryin the world (measured in number ofinternational tourist arrivals). Currently incomplete cases study and lack of management, leads
economy hotel development and research have disorder situation.The objective of this research demonstrates that China economical hotel market situation in thecurrent and future China hotel business. This research investigates the treads of economy hotel
development in China (mainland), and analysis the requirements for market demands. The studyshows to what extent and to what goals of economy hotels in future management and how thatperceived as the first choice by customer. Suggestions on how the economy hotel could bedeveloped improved are also provided. However, future industry structure and market competitionwill be determined by a company’s capability to perform including structure and performance,strategy for future and product offerings.

Economy hotels, super budget hotel, market analysis, trends and development , Home inns hotel,China budget hotel.

Many people have made valuable contributions to this research. They have been important sourcesof knowledge and inspiration throughout the whole process of the research. I would like to take thisopportunity to grate fully acknowledge those whose contributions are significant to the successful
completion of this thesis.
First of all I would like to thank you thesis supervisor Sjoerd Gehrels for useful ideas, support andconstructive criticism. Also I would like to acknowledge Alex Yang, Constable Reuben, Tracy Law,and Martin Ng for introducing me to the research area and providing me with information aboutthe Home inns hotel. With their knowledge and straightforward way they have inspired me to dothe best. Special thanks are also directed to Daniel Cheung for his never-ending enthusiasm.Secondly I also appreciated greatly the help of Mr. Yang who is the manager of marketingdepartment of Homes inns hotel (Shenzhen), whose unreserved support for my survey in the hotel.And Mr. Yang provided me the opportunity for practice in Home inns hotel and be his personalassistance for compose the Home inns hotel annual report 2009, that is high level contact withmanagement team of hotel and huge contribution for my future hospitality career.Finally, I would like to thank my parents for their support whatever in life or financial. Withouttheir patience and companionship during my working days, the research would have been much toopure to bear.

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