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留学生论文网_一个有效的拉丁美洲游客分割营销研究-Benefits Segmentation of Visitors t

留学生论文网提供一个有效的拉丁美洲游客分割营销研究,这项研究提供了一个有效的拉丁美洲游客分割,从而提供了关于该地区的旅游目的地营销战略计划的宝贵意见。四个不同的分割基础上确定的相关利益要求。Emine Sarigöllü and Rong Huang
Benefits Segmentation of Visitors to Latin America

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Benefits Segmentation ofVisitors to Latin America
This research presents an effective segmentation of LatinAmerican tourists and thereby provides invaluable input andguidance for destination marketers in regard to strategicplanning for the region’s tourist provision. Four distinct segmentsare identified based on the benefits sought, and theseare profiled with respect to demographics, travel behavior,expectations about the infrastructure, local environment,services, and costs, as well as the visitors’ personalities andinterests. Globally, the most important decision drivers arefound to be safety, flight and accommodation availability,and affordability. This research also presents an overview ofbenefits segmentation literature on tourism.

Keywords: benefits segmentation; destination marketing;Latin America
With abundant natural endowments of sand, sea, and sun;diverse cultures; and a rich historical heritage, Latin Americancountries have a great potential in the inbound travelmarket (Strizzi and Meis 2001). The Latin American regionattracted 18.9 million international travelers (3.6% of theworld total) in 2001 (World Tourism Organization 2002).oreover, the growth rate of international tourist arrivals inLatin America was 6.8% in 2000. Nonetheless, the growthrate for visitors from North America dropped from 8.9% in2000 to 1.8% in 2001, which is a cause for anxiety becausealmost three-quarters of all international tourist arrivals areeither from North America or intraregional in origin (Strizziand Meis 2001). According to Augusto Huéscar, the World
Tourism Organization’s (WTO) chief of market intelligenceand promotion, “Although North American travellers composeda great part of the international travellers for Latin
America, increased competition from other regions in theworld and the safety of tourists are the two greatest challengesfor the Americans to overcome” (Bambrad 2001, p. 1).Furthermore, Strizzi and Meis (2001) noted that the Latin

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