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英国论文网专业提供英国留学生旅游管理论文定制。RIrEelSanEdAR’Cs HImage as a Tourism Destination in France: Attribute Importance and Performance
Ireland’s Image as a Tourism Destination in France: Attribute Importance and Performance
Ireland is highly dependent on tourism as an employmentand revenue generator. Recent trends, however, suggest thatvisitors from France, one of Ireland’s key source markets,may have peaked. Tourism images are critical to the successof any destination, particularly because of how they affectthe level of satisfaction with the tourist experience. Ireland isfrequently acknowledged as a successfully branded and marketedtourism destination. Nonetheless, few image studies todate have focused specifically on Ireland, and none has analyzedthe image of Ireland as a tourism destination in
The aim of this study, therefore, was to redress thisknowledge deficit. A questionnaire was used to examine theimportance of certain destination attributes for French touristsand to determine how French visitors rate Ireland’s performancewith respect to these attributes pre- and postvisitation.
This information was subsequently incorporatedinto an importance-performance analysis grid.

Keywords: destination image; Ireland; France; importance-performance analysis

The impressive performance of Irish tourism has beenwell documented in recent years (Deegan and D. A. Dineen1997, 2000; Deegan and D. J. Dineen 2003). The success ofIrish tourism is dictated by four major source markets: Britain,
the United States, Germany, and France. To fulfill theambitious policy targets assigned to it, the tourism industryin Ireland must maintain a competitive position in the globalenvironment, but current trends suggest that visitors from
France, one of Ireland’s key source markets, may havepeaked. Following rapid expansion up to 1990, the growth
pattern of French visitor arrivals to Ireland has been relativelysporadic in recent years. Visitor numbers fell from262,000 to 250,000 between 1995 and 1996, and eventhough the number of arrivals has increased since then (to
298,000 in 2002), there have been decreases in the number ofFrench visitors coming to Ireland purely to take a holiday
(from 50% of the total market in 1996 to 38% in 2002) andparticipating in either sporting or cultural activities (BordFáilte 2000a, 2003).
The importance of destination image is widely acknowledgedin tourism literature. Goodall (1992) suggested thatwhen prices are comparable, image is the decisive factor inholiday choice. Increasing product parity and substitutabilityof tourism destinations have underscored the need for destinationsto create a unique identity to differentiate themselvesfrom competitors (Morgan and Pritchard 2002; Morgan,Pritchard, and Piggott 2002). In this regard, branding isthought to be one of the most effective tools available tomarketers, and Ireland is widely acknowledged in brandingliterature as having successfully developed an appealing destinationimage (Gilmore 2002; Morgan and Pritchard 2002;Morgan, Pritchard, and Piggott 2002; Olins 2002). Increasedinternational competition, changing consumer profiles,incompatibility between the image portrayed and the realityat the destination, as well as the stagnation of the French market,

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