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英国语言学师资培训理论-British language teacher training critical socia

英国语言学论文British language teacher training critical social theory and enlightenment _ English linguistics papers


A British language teacher training, the main content of the theory


1. The standard language teachers should have unique?


University of Edinburgh applied linguistics expert Peter Strevens think should have three characteristics:


(1) personal quality: the inner quality characters should be healthy without physical defects, have higher wisdom, strong character. Emotional maturity levels; Through the education training and the formation of quality features: by education degree is higher, there are broader life knowledge, master in master taught language.


(2) education ability: the teaching outline and textbooks should use creative ability, can adapt and design according to the circumstances; Have the ability to control the classroom teaching, teaching students to identify the achievement and problems, and make students study at their maximum speed.


(3) the dedication to work, can get oneself work as the whole language education part of the business, and to struggle, understand language teaching situation and the development trend, and has the correct point of view.


2. Language teacher training what content should contain?


(1) Peter Strevens think should include three parts:


A. skills parts: master of language teaching skill, grasps the classroom teaching skills and master the skills of learners.


B. Knowledge parts: first is about education, teaching theory and complete language teaching task and use a variety of different methods, the second is the outline and the knowledge of the respect such as teaching material, once again, is the knowledge of linguistics.


C. theoretical part: the language teaching has a very complicated process and linguistics, pedagogy, psychology, sociology, psychology linguistics, social psychology is very close relationship. In the language of the British teachers training, set up these theory, using the theory of knowledge and skills of the teaching of part of combined, after many years of teaching and return to college teachers, theory of learning will make them feel hospitable. At present, in the master graduate student of the class teacher training offered in applied linguistics, the effect is quite good.


The above language teachers training content learning methods, skills in part to real conditions through the practice of training; Knowledge through reading and part of the teaching material study conducted; While the theoretical part through the teaching, counseling, discussion and targeted practice.


1. London higher education college English teaching Ealing experts Rod Ellis think should contain two kinds of practice:


A. experience in teaching practice: training teachers to real teaching practice, can be in a real classroom in trained teachers or simulated between teaching, its purpose is to master teaching skills.

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