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英语语言学英文论文代写-社会语言学(Understanding Sociolinguistics)

社会语言学英文论文College of Foreign Language,Inner Mongolia Aqricultural Vniuersity, Huhhot, InnerMongoli 010019;
TianJin Vniuersity of Traditional Chinese medicine,TianJin 300193;
TianJin Vniuersity of Technology and Eduestion,Foreign language Institution,TianJin 300022)

Understanding Sociolinguistics
[Abstract] Sociolinguistics, as a main study field of Linguistics, becomes flourishing since 1960s. Sociolinguistics
not only has interested many linguists and social scientists, but also has sparked off a large output of articles, PhD dissertation,
and volumes. This paper just explores some important aspects of sociolinguistics, such as its main study scope, object
and its relationship with other disciplines.
[Key words] Sociolinguistics;study scope;object;relationship

Ⅰ. Introduction
Sociolinguistics is a main study field of Linguistics, and it
can be defined as the study of language in relation to the society,
that is, the study of language situated in society.
The term “sociolinguistics”was proposed by American
Linguist Haver C.Currie in 1952, but it was in the middle of
1960s that this discipline became flourishing and then an independent
discipline. However, the study of language in relation
to society is not an invention of the 1960s. Both the study
of dialect and the relation between word-meaning and culture
have a long tradition, and they can be treated as part of sociolinguistics.
There are some reasons that sociolinguistics became flourishing
in the 1960s. Firstly, Linguistics had a strong desire to
find more solid empirical basis for the theory of Linguistics in
the 1960s. Secondly, the development of sociolinguistics is as
an opposition to the dominant theory of Chomskyan linguistics.
The relationship between language and society has long been
recognized and ermined. Evidence for this claim can be conveniently
gathered from the works by those great philosophers
and grammarians either in the Graeco -Roman tradition or in
the Indian history (Harris and Taylor 1997[1998]; Apte 1994).
During the whole 20th century, a great deal of efforts has been
made to treat the enquiry of Linguistics as monistic or autonomous
pursuit of an independent science. Strongly influenced
by the dominant view of Linguistic science, a separation
of the structural study of language from its social context of
usage was claimed, justified and reinforced. The resurrection of
a dualistic view of linguistic inquiry came into being in the
1960s, along with the development of sociolinguistics as an opposition
to the structuralism, which is stood for by Chomsky.
In the beginning, sociolinguistics used to refer to all study
of the social significance of language. Just as Dell Hymes
(2000) put it:
…… my sense of the emergence of sociolinguistics, at

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