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linguistic thesis:基于英语广告下的语言特色的分析

小编导读:本文是一篇语言专业的英语毕业论文,该linguistic thesis在如今英语广告的基础上,对英语广告的文案语言进行了相关的研究与分析,语言实而无华,流畅充实,是一篇值得借鉴的好论文。

On Linguistic Features in Advertising English

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 research background
Nowadays advertising penetrates every corner of society, especially in developed countries. Newspapers (most of which devote 60 to 70 percent of their space to advertisements), radio and TV ( in the U.S for instance, often a 30—minute newscast is interrupted at least four times for commercials ), magazines ( for some, as much as half the space is given to advertisements ), highway billboards, streamers, window shows, floor and counter displays, transport decorations, fairs and exhibitions, telephones and direct mails, and even sandwich man ( man who walks about the streets with two advertising boards, one hanging over his chest and the other over his back )—indeed almost all the media, all usable spaces are employed to get all sorts of information to all people in all places, since places to be filled are everywhere. The amount of advertising is not determined by the needs of advertising, but rather by the opportunities for advertising, which have become unlimited.

1.2 The function of advertising
Advertising has consistently played a very important role in the development of capitalism. Some people point to the vital role ads played in the settlement of the New World: Brochures published in England in the 17th century were full of hopeful overstatements, half truth, and downright lies, along with some facts, by which the promoters for the American colonies enticed people to settle in there. Nowadays, advertising performs four basic roles in society:
1) Marketing role ---helping companies sell their products or services;
2) Educational role ---helping people learn about new products and services;(本文由英语毕业论文中心linguistic thesis专栏编辑整理提供)
3) Economic role ---encouraging competition in product / service improvement and lower price;
4) Social role ---helping increase productivity and raise the standard of living.

1.3 The language of advertising
In order to fulfill these roles, advertising has resorted to all kinds of techniques---anodal and visual, sound and light, display and acting, photographs and drawing, ect. But the most basic is the language ---its mode being either written to be read or written to be spoken as if not written. Language is of crucial importance and the language is required to be simple and sweet. Thus a comprehensive analysis on the linguistic features in advertising English is

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