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英国留学生毕业论文写作:Application of Skopos the

The Application of Skopos theory in translation

1. Introduction
Till the end of 20th century, there is almost over 14 percent of the population worldwide using English as their first or second language. English has been the most widely used language around the world throughout Thesis is provided by UK thesis basethe past centuries. With China’s further opening up these years, more and more foreigners have been attracted to visit China, a country with a history of more than 5,000 years and charming culture of more than 50 ethnic groups’. Recent statistics from the World Tourism Organization show that China will become the world’s largest tourist destination and the fourth largest source of tourists by 2020. Economic globalization also have a profound impact on global translation industry especially in China.
Coleman Gross (2008) argues that with the increasing international economic exchanges, all kinds of translations also gain an alarming develop rate. Nowadays, more and more medias arise, such as newspapers, radio, television, the Internet and so on, and they all have to rely on translation for survival. Then, translator gradually found themselves to make cross-cultural communications all the time among a number of different countries. Contemporary Western Translation Theory also faces vigorous development, various of speical and unique translation theories provide a new perspective for translate research and development. From the mid-20th century, the two sides Translation Studies has get a great breakthrough. Theorists began to address the translation phenomenon under various of perspectives: Hermeneutik, Deconstruction, Post-colonialism, Feminism, Discourse of rights, Acceptance of aesthetics, Reader-response theory perspectives, from then, there has manipulation group, multi-redundant group and function group and other groups. Among them, the basic theory of functionalist———— Skopotheory shows that in the process of translation, the purpose of the text is the primary principle that determines translation strategies. Gradually, with the development of global economy, more and more scholars pay more attention on Skopos theory of translation and make a series of investigation on Skopos theory of translation. And the concept of Skopo theory has been employed by scholars across a wide range of fields, the review here is intended only make a simple review on the current academic literature. This paper will focus on translation research by a case study of a specific translation article in skopos theory perspective.
In this paper, the main target is to analyze the specific translation method and theory application in skopos theory perspective, firstly this paper will make an introduction the basic theory knowledge of skopos theory and its review and its rules and application in the daily translation work.

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