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留学生论文网:Outline of General linguistics and Chine

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Outline of General linguistics and Chinese linguistics For CSET Preparation Workshop
Dr. Tim Xie
留学生论文网California State University, Long Beach
This handout (.doc) and presentation (.pps) can be accessed at
This outline was developed by CSULB faculty to provide some useful information
to the students who prepare for the CSET. It is by no means a guideline endorsed
by the National Evaluation Services or the Department of Education, California.
中文CSET 正式名稱和網站
California Subject Examinations for Teachers
中文CSET 在Credentialing 中的作用和地位
1. 通過CSET 證明:1. 具有中文聽說讀寫語言溝通能力;2. 具有一般語言
2. 通過CSET 滿足credentialing 的一個必要條件
3. CSET 必須在教學實習以前通過。
中文 CSET 的三個 Subtest 和涉及的范圍
1. Mandarin Subtest I: General Linguistics; Linguistics of the Target Language
2. Mandarin Subtest II: Literary and Cultural Texts and Traditions; Cultural
Analysis and Comparisons
3. Mandarin Subtest III: Language and Communication: Listening Comprehension;
Language and Communication: Reading Comprehension; Language and
Communication: Written Expression; Language and Communication: Oral
中文CSET Mandarin Subtest I 題目的類型
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1. Multiple Choice
2. Essay question (description of concepts)
3. Rewriting sentences (pattern change and error correction)
4. Writing (socially appropriate discourse)
從 Sample Questions and Responses 看考題涉及范圍和答題技巧
I. General linguistics – genetic classification of languages (語言的譜系分類)
1. In the genetic classification of languages, languages are classified according to:
A. geographical relationships between language populations.
B. standard ordering of the basic units of speech (subject, verb, object).
C. shared development from an earlier common language.
D. overlapping semantic categories of words.
II. Linguistics of the target language – morphology, word formation, reduplication of adjective
2. Which of the following reduplications is correct?
A. 高高興興 [高高兴兴]
B. 美美麗麗 [美美丽丽]
C. 容容易易 [容容易易]
D. 基基本本 [基基本本]
III. Linguistics of the target language – grammar, function words (語法,虛詞,助詞
“了”), particle LE

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