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家庭社会学留学生论文-Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives in fa

家庭社会学留学生论文Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives in family studies
1. Introduction.
Literally, family is determined in Webster’s Dictionary as parents and their children regarded as a group. It is a group where people are united into one identity. Families are often placed on the top of social hierarchies with its great power that unites all its members. That determines something more than the unity of each member. There are a lot of components in the notion of a family. That is why the author speaks about such notion as ‘families’.
Concerning the new century, it is regarded that one of the oldest social forms - the families - will be of major significance in composing individual and group life in respect of some vital spheres beginning from education, economic status and health. Today, every society becomes more various and stratified. There are some reasons of that families go on to be of great significance for providing their members with support and knowledge. They are: groups contain clear identities; economic restructuring and globalization remodel the old structures into the new ones; and state support for social prosperity continues to drop.

2. Changes in family structure.




In the article the author tells about families as the places of socialization where a child learns about the main rule of behavior in the society. And the things that a child learns greatly depend on the type of a family he/she lives in. The author points out such major types of families as nuclear families (with both parents), extended families (where other relatives such as aunts, uncles, grandparents and so on live together), and types of marriage (includes legal marriage, cohabitation, living apart together, monogamy, serial monogamy, serial polygamy, polygyny, polyandry).

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