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美国社会论文代写:美国的社会问题 America's social problems

代写美国社会论文美国的社会问题America's social problems

1, the United States is a country on wheels, no car without the United States. Production of 8 million vehicles a year, and 4/5 family at least one car, more than a quarter of the family has two cars. A surprising is, the country has so many cars, there will be many people malnutrition. According to a national statistics, 10 million people because not enough food with malnutrition, these people have different situation, long-term unemployment is one of the main reasons.

Ironically, unemployment often comes from agricultural and industrial automation. In the southern cotton planting season, some farmers will suddenly cut agricultural workers, from 100 people to cut three people, this would cause unwanted nothing to do. In fact, the whole country because the automation, the quickening of the process of absorbing labor gradually reduce each year. With unemployment became the main social problems. According to estimates, the United States unemployment often more than 5%. In the early 80 s had climbed to 7.8%. Unemployment will naturally lose your job, even if the good year will also be someone without the meal. When President Kennedy had maxim that "the government if can't help the poor, and was hard to save the rich".

Unemployment must lead to social unrest. Any government could not afford to ignore this. The government adopted by the way is relief. According to the social security law, in the life of the family must be below the poverty line from "special welfare project" get subsidies. General should be no less than a normal wage income per week workers by 36%. Get special welfare subsidies are mainly pension crowds, eat unemployed and prolonged illness can't work of the population.

However, governments around the world for most people with equal education opportunity by the measures introduced but slowly, and the glacial pace. In 1963, when the first black students into the university of Mississippi, he suffered violence against pain in the neck, he had to huge body and with armed soldiers to protect themselves. So a lot of the black students and their parents would rather continue to designed for black open the school, rather than face the white insults and violence. The north or south than not much. Blacks and whites in the residential area is separated, and so many schools. Federal judge ruled in 1971, state education authorities should arrange ghetto black children into the white schools, arrange some white students into the black of residential areas in the school, trying to eliminate racial separation school. The bus also take turns black and white daily transport school students. The measure was called "forced the bus". But the bus in the city more than running, this kind of compulsive measures do not conform to the actual. The 1971 Detroit white student entrance students account for 40% of the total. Now, some schools have 82% of the students are black. The reason is the white students shrink away from the black students and not far. In Washington, a lot of white people moved to the suburbs, may be willing to black men, so that the black students rose to 57% from 96%. So far, people still debate the implementation of "forced the bus" system is necessary, so that the people of the provisions are also gradually moved up.

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