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英国社会文化与习俗论文-英国禁忌与风俗 Britain's taboo and the customs

英国社会文化与习俗论文Britain's taboo and the customs:

Three taboos

Can't jump the queue britons are lining up the habit. You can see them a get a land line up on a bus, train, or buy a newspaper. Jump the queue is a screening nasty behavior.

Can't ask a lady's age British very don't like to talk about man's salary and women age, and even his home furniture value how many money, also be shouldn't have asked. If you ask a lady's age, also is very not appropriate, because she thought it was her own secret, and everyone wants to eternal youth, no than middle-aged women said with a "you look so young" better compliment. There is no doubt that every woman's hair, makeup and clothes are in order to make it look more beautiful, more young, but if she's dressed up to let a person feel too sedulous, then others will take criticism of tone said she "appear tacky".

Can't cut price in British shopping, the most taboo is cut price. The British don't like to bargaining, think this is very lose face things. If you buy, is a great work of art or a large quantity of goods, you also need to be careful with the seller to agree on a full price. British people seldom bargaining, if they think the price of a commodity right to buy, not right away.

Washroom and to "no. 100"

英国论文网The bathroom the meaning of the word for hand washing or wash a face of place, but the actual meaning is the toilet, the British the not say straight out "to go to the toilet," and to someone else, so it is in when, are not directly mention "toilet" 2 words. If you would like to go to the toilet, may say "to man's room", or "to the woman's room", also can say "please forgive a few minutes" or "I want to wash their hands" and so on. The children want when it later said, "I want to go to that place". In between friends and family internal, "no. 100" is the most commonly used claim.

The party how to don't impolite

British big dance in the evening at around 10 general began. Party can be in private homes or to a hotel. Master invited guests should send invitation in advance, and pay attention to invited guest roughly equal to the number of men and women; As before, can make the men more than women. According to habit, master please people to the party, and, sometimes, a dinner; There is time please dance and do not set dinner; And some is please to the party guests a few people eat dinner, after dinner dance; Others can only to the party and can not eat. So, being invited one must see the words on the invitation, lest make, master the embarrassment. The dancing party, master have food taken late at night, also may only for some tea, coffee and sandwiches, etc. To the party the guests clothing to tidy, dancing male guest to take turns to please the female guests, including a must and the hostess to dance. Man and man, woman and woman is to be laughed at dance. Face a great festival festival, if a person also received two invitation CARDS, then can attend a party, early withdrawal again after another ball out, because by habit to the party with people as you go to, is not being impolite.

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