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Abstract: A brand is shown by a name , a word , a sign , a symbol , a design or a combination of them. Brand-naming itself represents a strategically important issue and may determine the success or留学生论文failure of a product.Along with the globalization of world economy, especially with China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, more and more Chinese have realized the importance of good brand names and international brand names in promoting sales and cultivating markets. The essay attempts to make some study on the topic. In the first part, the essay talks about cultural difference. In the second part, it suggests some appropriate principles to guide the translation. In the third part, the essay provides some flexibly used methods to deal with the problems in translation.

Keywords: brand name; cultural difference; translation principles; translation methods

Brand name is “a name given by a producer to a particular product, by which it may be recognized from among like products made by other producers.” (Longman Contemporary dictionary). It acts as a bridge between consumers and producers, which guarantees a company’s long-standing place in the market. It is intended to identify products or services of one seller or one group of sellers and to http://ukthesiss.com/liuxueshenglunwenrunse/differentiate them from their competitors.
Part I Cultural difference in Chinese brand translation
Cultual difference
The oriental and the occidental live in different parts of the earth. It makes different material conditions, different thinking patterns and actions. Therefore, t
the oriental and the occidental have different cultures, ways of life, traditional habits, historical stories and political and economical systems, and so on. As it is a tool for expression, there are differences between two languages in ways of expression and linguistic cultures, also between
Chinese brands and English brands. It is necessary to pay attention to the cultural differences. Otherwise, many foolishnesses and unnecessary troubles may come as punishments. The following are
main examples of culture conflicts in brand translations .
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First,Differences in connotation.
In English, many words chosen as brand names are composed of referential meaning(literal) and connotative meaning(implied), and the latter usually contains certain culture. For example, a kind of clock branded with “金鸡”, some translators used to translate it as golden cock,while the word “cock” in western culture refers to “man’s genitals”. so, we had better translate it into “Golden Rooster”. “孔雀” is a symbol of beauty and nobility in China, while in the west peacock is used to describe a vainglorious person. “蜜蜂”is a symbol of diligence, while bee in the west also means an unpleasant creature that stings people.

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