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英国留学生论文定制:Male-perfume advertising in men

Male-perfume advertising in men's magazines and visual discourse in contemporary Britain : a social semiotics approach
Author: Eduardo de Gregorio Godeo
Published: May 2005
Abstract (E): This paper explores the construction of the visual discourse of male-perfume advertising in British men's magazines. Thus, the particularities of visual 英国留学生论文定制discourse are discussed first of all. Drawing upon social semiotics as an analytical framework, the article examines the articulation of the `new man´ in this form of print-media discourse, focusing on such visual dimensions as the visual structure of representation, the position of the viewer, aspects of modality and the meaning of composition. The results of this study are finally placed in the socio-cultural context accounting for the production and consumption of this form of visual discourse on masculinity in contemporary Britain .
Abstract (F): Cet article aborde l'analyse de la construction du discours visuel des annonces publicitaires de parfum pour homme dans les magazines masculins au Royaume-Uni. On y aborde avant tout les particularités de ce discours visuel au moyen de la sémiotique sociale. Celle-ci nous sert de modèle analytique pour étudier l'articulation du `new man´ dans ce type de discours médiatique, en insistant sur la dimension de l'aspect visuel : la structure visuelle de la représentation, la position du spectateur, la modalité et la signification de la composition. Les résultats de cette étude sont finalement situés dans le contexte socioculturel qui justifie la production et consommation de cette forme de discours visuel sur la masculinité dans la Grande-Bretagne d'aujourd'hui.
keywords: visual discourse, masculinity, male-perfume advertising, `new man´, social semiotics

1. Introduction
The fact that women and men behave in accordance with specific parameters when defining themselves as gendered subjects leads authors like Mills (1997: 17) to assume the existence of different discourses on masculinity and femininity in society. Considering a classical definition by Michel Foucault, within contemporary cultural theory, http://ukthesiss.com/liuxueshenglunwenrunse/discourses have come to designate "the practices that systematically form the objects of which they speak" (1972: 49). Men's magazines have thus become a fundamental vehicle for the representation of the `new man´, a renovated image of masculinity characterised by his embrace of feminine universes, his deeper concern over personal looks and the greater importance attached to dimensions like fathering. Focusing on such a print-media vehicle consumed by men in Britain, this contribution will explore the construction of the `new man´ in the discourse on masculinity articulated in the perfume advertisements published in these publications, shedding light on the articulation of this form of visual discourse [1].

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