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 Turnitin Originality Report

individual assignment 1 by Jin Huang


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Submitted to University of Newcastle on 2008-07-28 paper text:4ASSESSMENT ITEM COVER SHEET Student Name: Last name First Name Student Number:2.edu.au Course: ode Course Code Course Title Campus of Study: GSB Assessment Item Title: Individual Assignment 1 Tutorial Group: Word Count (If applicable): Due Date/Time: Lecturer/Tutor Name: Richard Oloruntoba Extension Granted: Yes No Granted Until: Please attach the approved copy of your extension approval. Include here any instructions / checklist for submission I declare that this assessment item is my own work unless otherwise acknowledged and is in accordance with the University’s plagiarism policy available from the Policy Library on the web at I certify that this assessment item has not been submitted previously for academic credit in this or any other course. I certify that I have not given a copy or have shown a copy of this assessment item to another student enrolled in the course. I acknowledge that the assessor of this assignment may, for the purpose of assessing this assignment: Reproduce this assessment item and provide a copy to another member of the Faculty; and/or Communicate a copy of this assessment item to a plagiarism checking service (which may then retain a copy of the item on its database for the purpose of future plagiarism checking). Submit the assessment item to other forms of plagiarism checking. I certify that any electronic version of this assignment item that I have submitted or will submit is identical to this paper version. Turnitin ID: Signature: Date: Executive Summary The
1automobile industry develops quickly around the world, meanwhile, accompanied with globalization challenge and fierce competition. In order to face the competition and challenge, carmakers implemented the combination strategy. The globalization influences strategy making and auto market dynamics. The global auto market dynamics has changed greatly since the year 2000 especially in emerging markets. For Ford, it has been investing in China these years and built many production facilities. How can Ford continue to reduce production cost? How can it

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