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导读:这篇论文主要就实施变革进行了探讨,分别从变更管理、组织变革的类型(发展变革、过渡性变革、转型变革)进行论述。本论文由英国论文网\留学生作业频道Management Essay栏目整理提供。

Change is the transition from one type to another. Every organisation has a specific goal. Change in organisation to attain specific goal. Change is the fact of business life. Change improves the functioning and performance of organisation. In today's business world, change is predictable. In order for organizations to be successful and stay competitive, they must be able to adjust to change, which is very difficult to do because of various barriers. The three main barriers to organizational change are lack of change readiness, poor leadership and poor communication. For the purpose of this article, we will be only discussing the barrier of poor communication.

In order to implement any kind of change there needs to be good communication. Communication needs to be combined among employees going every which way-up, down and across - every employee must be included. If employees don't feel like they have been communicated to properly, they will most likely not follow the change agent or leader. If leaders in fact want to lead, they need to communicate and include its followers in every step of the change process. Employees are more likely to get on-board with the change process if they participated and contributed to the plan.

Change management
A common definition used for change management is a set of processes that is employed to make sure that important changes are implemented in an orderly, controlled and systematic fashion to effect organizational change. One of the goals of change management is with regards to the human aspects of overcoming conflict to change in order for organizational members to buy into change and achieve the organization's goal of an orderly and effective transformation.

Organizational change management takes into consideration both the processes and tools that managers use to make changes at an organizational level. Most organizations want change implemented with the least resistance and with the most buy-in as possible. For this to occur, change must be applied with a structured approach so that transition from one type of behaviour to another organization wide will be smooth.

In most cases, management's first responsibility is to identify processes or behaviours that are not proficient and come up with new behaviours, processes, etc that are more effective within an organization. Once changes are identified, it is important for managers to estimate the impact that they will have to the organization and individual employee on many levels includingtechnology, employee behaviour, work processes, etc.

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