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MGT 664

This portfolio assignment requires you to construct a portfolio by assembling materials and summarizing concepts and theories related to organizational behavior that have significance to you. A portfolio is a collection

of items that has some value to the owner and communicates in some way the owner’s values, knowledge, skills, and feelings. The nature of a portfolio is easier to understand when one thinks of a teacher who is applying for a position at a school. Teachers typically construct portfolios that communicate their skills and abilities to administrators. The portfolio might include the teacher’s philosophy of teaching, something about their experiences as a student teacher or in former teaching positions, projects that the teacher has completed or articles that they have written. The portfolio communicates something about the teacher: their philosophy, skills and abilities, and interests.

This is the manner in which I want you to approach the portfolio. In the portfolio, try to convey what you know about organizational behavior by explaining material and applying it to personal experiences and examples.
This is your opportunity to explore and reflect upon issues and concepts that are of personal interest, significance and value to you.

The portfolio should consist of the following four sections.

Section 1
This section should include three summaries of what you learned from reading three articles from management journals or magazines published since the year 1995. These articles should be chosen for their relevance to topics covered in this course and should be substantive pieces of work (not 1 page articles). All articles should be related to one general topic of your choosing. In your summary, tell me (1) generally what the article said,


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