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Dissertation research:Innovation in Chinese Pharmaceutical m

MG T4131/4151 Dissertation Proposal
Example A: Draft title: Innovation in Chinese Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry: Investigation into FK Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
1. Introduction
According to the previous studies, innovation has great contribution to business success and competitiveness of organizations. Literatures indicated that more innovative firms perform better. For many companies competitive advantage is gained and maintained through innovation. However, according to some literature review, the gap between the Chinese and global pharmaceutical sectors has widened留学生论文研究in recent years. The lag attributes to the lack of innovation in the Chinese pharmaceutical company.

In this paper, the investigation into a Chinese medium pharmaceutical company—FK Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. where I had worked for ten years will be done to explore why Chinese pharmaceutical companies lack of innovation? What are the innovation issues in a medium Chinese pharmaceutical company? How can a medium Chinese pharmaceutical company become more innovative?

2. Background
In the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, the firms whose the original value of production uses fixed asset exceed 500 million Yuan RMB and above are called large firms, otherwise are called medium or small firms. According to this criteria, FK Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a large company, which is one of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China in terms of total value of asset, it is located in [....], founded in [...]. In 2002 it was reformed into a corporation with a variety of shareholders. Over more than 40 years FK is steadily growing. It started from a single product to its current product ranges more than 15 products. Though FK developed a lot in the past years, the more and more competitive markets make it face many difficulties in its business. The core product faces the higher competition than ever before in the market. Improving the innovation ability, develop new products is a crucial issue for its substantial and continuous development. However, today, as most of the Chinese pharmaceutical companies, the improvement of innovation is the big challenge of FK.
3. Literature review
3.1 The definition of innovation:
According to West and Farr (1990), innovation refers to intentional introduction and application of ideas, processes, products and designed which can significantly contribute to the benefits of group, organisation or society.
The definition of innovation described by Organization for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD) is "innovation consists of all those scientific, technical, commercial and financial steps necessary for the successful development and marketing of new or improved manufactured products, the commercial use of new or improved processes or equipment or the introduction of a new approach to a social service. R&D is only one of these steps" (OECD, 1981, pp. 15-16 cited in Simmie, J., 2007).

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