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项目管理课程作业写作需求-IStream Video App-苹果ipone流媒体应用软件项目开发

项目管理课程作业写作需求-IStream Video App-苹果ipone流媒体应用软件项目开发,Project Title: IStream Video App
Team Charter
Develop a universal video content streaming application (app) for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app will interface with popular commercial video content sites such as Hulu, Fancast, Netflix, Youtube and Starz. The Team charter will include all the features that the group needs for publicity, outreach, and participation. The app will enable iIphone users the ability to stream commercial video content and decrease the need to purchase the video content in order to view it.
Stake Holders:
1. App UsersStakeholders
1.2. Project team
3. Project Manager
2.4. Finance – if Not a Free app
3.5. App Architect
4.6. Lead software Engineer
7. Apple Development Center
5.8. Apple Quality control?
Team Charter – Communication Plan
1. Project Plan – The Project Plan contains the detailed progression of the Project. The deliverables to be submitted and the planning process. The Project Manager will be responsible for generating 软件项目管理课程论文定制regular updates on the Project and monitoring the progress of the deliverables to be met:
a. Communication Plan
b. Project Scope
c. Statement of Work
d. WBS
d.e. Risk Register
e.f. Finance and Budget control
f.g. Website Features (Wiki, Newsletter, Calendar, Sign in)
Media / Tools: All the Project Plans are to be made available in the MSWord / Adobe Acrobat Format on the Group Website.
All members are provided with an ID for accessing the Group Website for all projects related information and documents.
The Project Plans & project related documents are also to be available on the Group Website for easy access to the stakeholders. The uploaded documents can be edited with prior permission and group consensus.
2. Weekly Status Report – The status report is a very integral part of the communication process. All members assigned a specific task are required to submit a status report on the following deliverables:
Deliverable Member Assigned Draft Submission date Submission date Remark
Communication Plan
Project Scope
App Content
Statement of Work
Work Breakdown Structure
Risk Register
Procurement Plan
Each team member can be assigned to head the task; others can give their input. It should be a combined effort.
Basic Rules for a Status report:
1. The Status Report should be submitted in a standard agreed upon format.
2. The Status Report should be uploaded on the Group Website for Stakeholders access.
3. The Status Report should be uploaded on the Group Website one day prior to the weekly meetings so that the issues if any can be discussed in the meeting.

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