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英国assignment代写-Managing Organisational Behaviour-组织行为学留学生作业写



Module Name and number: Managing Organisational Behaviour. (BAM2002)

Tutor: Tony Carden

代写Assignment Number: 1 of 2 (50%)

Assignment Title:





Assignment Length: 2500 words

Issue Date: Week Commencing Monday 26th September 2011

Submission Deadline: Friday 11th November 2011

Tutor Contact Details : Room M2.029 Email:

Learning Outcomes

This assessment satisfies the following learning outcomes as specified in your module guide.

No Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria


1. The learner will be able to demonstrate a clear and thorough understanding of the principles and practices of Taylors’ Scientific Management and the Needs Theorists in relation to organisational effectiveness and efficiency applied to contemporary workplace ideologies. In addition the learner will demonstrate a clear understanding of the power of employers in times of high unemployment.
Provide a balanced and critical evaluation of Scientific Management and Needs Theories in a turbulent economic climate as described in the question. This should be presented in a well structured, fluent and cogent piece of work for assessment.

2. Illustrate initiatives in the area of behaviour management.
Evaluate the motives that led to the development of these ideas.

3. Demonstrate research and study skills. Presentation of a thoroughly researched assignment with accurate referencing and citation and which shows originality of thought.


The amount of reading that you undertake will dictate the depth and breadth of the work you produce for this assignment. The lecture notes provided each week will cover the underlying themes and discourses associated with the question set however; additional reading will not go amiss and is encouraged. For guidance on additional texts that may be of interest see the bibliography at the end of each week’s lecture notes. Therefore, it goes without saying, that it is advisable to read and study them!

A bibliography, constructed in the Harvard convention, must accompany your work and must be of a sufficient length. For those still not familiar with the Harvard system of referencing a booklet can be obtained from Eagle Library entitled “Cite me I’m Yours” or downloaded from the library website. You can also visit BISSTO (Bolton Interactive Study Skills Tutorial Online) “How to cite sources”.

Level HE5 - it is expected that a bibliography will contain between ten and fifteen sources. As a MINIMUM the bibliography should include: two refereed academic journals, two professional journals and six academic books.

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