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本文主要从multi-disciplinary centre分析,由代写留学生论文中心策划组提供。是英文语种、knowledge management研究方向、不需要数据处理的本科课程论文,不需要盲审(博士或硕士生有这个需要),如有需求请联系本站论文购买中心或者提交相关文章的代写需求。


The School is a multi-disciplinary centre for research and teaching in a wide
variety of subjects that all influence our built environment.  We have an
experienced and well regarded body of academic staff that specialise in a variety
of areas of research expertise including drainage, urban design and
regeneration, flood management, building conservation and sustainable building
The facilities that exist at the School support the learning and teaching at the
School and all of our students and researchers benefit from access to our state of
the art laboratory and computing facilties.
School Resource Centre
Edwin Chadwick building (Rooms EC 2.04, 2.05 & 2.06)
This is a valuable resource for students in addition to the main University Library.  It
comprises of reference materials, a PC-Caledonia computer suite, School
computers with dedicated software, and an enlarged study/reference area.  The
aim is to provide students with an informal area for group work and access to
material which is not the main Library.  Material in the Resource Centre is for
reference use only.  Dissertations submitted by past students are held in the School
Resource Centre.  These may be signed out by students with a valid Student ID
card presented to the Resource Centre Administrator.  The School Resource
Centre houses current runs of the most relevant journals, (ie, 18 months to two
years only). Price books (Spons, Wessex, Laxtons), CIRIA, CIBSE and Scottish
Executive publications and the Standard Life Case Study.
An information sheet for on-line facilities is available from the School Resource
Centre Administrator.
A student photocopier is available in the School Resource Centre.  Photocopy
cards can purchased from the Resource Centre, the main Heriot-Watt Reception or
the main Library.  Photocopy cards are usable at most other copiers throughout the
The main Library provides books, subscription journals and extensive on-line
facilities for students.  The “How to find information on your subject guides” are

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