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留学生知识管理作业写作需求:managing profrssion

Design a form which will enable you to conduct a personal skills audit on youself.
The form should have the following features.
For EACH OF THE MAIN HEADINGS given for KEY SKILLS produce a one page form.
留学生论文网Produce a tick-box grading system which will help you to indicate your current level of ability on specific skills listed under the main headings from KEY SKILLS ON-LINE.
Leave sufficient room on each page to write a brief statement under the ticked boxes to provide more detail about your personal skills.
Select a maximum of 10 different skills that you need to improve on,taking ONE from each of those listed under each of the main headings for KEY SKILLS ON-LINE and
(a)Fill in the form you designed for task one above,using the tick-box feature to grade yourself on the specific skills you have chosen.
(b)For each specific skill audited,attach a written statement of no more than 100 words explaining the methods you used to grade yourself and ow you propose to improve this skill in the future.this statement should appear under the grading on each page of your document.
Produce Section One of your Personal Development Plan in the following format:
(a)A statement of what you need to develop or improve upon in relation to:
(b)State measurable short-term objectives for improving knowledge,skills and attitudes(to be achieved by the end of Semester One)
(c)State measurable short-term objectives for improving knowledge,skills and attitudes(to be achieved by the end of Semester two,this shall be assessed altogether in assignment 2)
Produce a current up-to-date Curriculum Vita for yourself in a printed format which could be readily useable to pass on to a prospective employer if you were making a'cold call'in search of employment.
Please note:you will need to file all the information in these tasks when you have completed them and have had them marked because these will form the basis for assignment TOW together with the completion of your personal development progress profile.
(a)Review and update your curriculum vitae and place this your personal development portfolio.
(b)Prepare your portfolio so that each section is clearly indicated and,where necessary,cross-referenced.
(c)Review your personal development pan produced for assignment 1 and update this so that your personal targets for short and long-term learning objectives can be easily/effectively met.
(a)prepare a written evaluation of learning and development with original aims and objectives set in the personal development plan.This should be based on the feedback you have also been given your tutors and from your assignment 1 for this unit.

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