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Feature UK – China links Knowledge Transfer between the UK and China
Cable & Wireless Virtual Academy President, Professor David Mellor OBE, explores the practical difficulties in the sharing ofknowledge across continents and cultures.
The Bulletin August 2003 page 22
I first visited China in 1995 as part of a delegation from Coventry Council, UK. The purpose of the visit was to explore with the Lord Mayor how Coventry might be able to assist its
partner city in China, Jinan, with development. Jinan is in Shandong
Province and is focussed on manufacturing. It has a population of approximately 11 million.On arrival in China in 1995 in thecapital city, Beijing, there were a smallnumber of English signs. Howeververy few people were prepared toconverse in English and all business discussions were handled via interpreters.
As part of my initial introduction toChina I found myself attending severalformal banquets and visiting severalfactories. The highlight for me was aformal meeting with the Director ofJinan Telecommunications Bureau.
Being unable to converse in Chinese Irelied heavily on the interpreter whohas since become a long-standingfriend. Shu Hui Sun has proved to be my direct access to the understandingof the education needs of the telecommunications sector in China. Identifying the challenge
In 1997 I was given a detailed tour ofthe Telecommunications Bureauaccompanied by Shu Hui Sun and itwas at this time that I learned why thetechnical competence was so highwhilst business knowledge was considerably lacking and in somecases non-existent. Technical trainingis the responsibility of China Telecom who operate 100 training schools, sixuniversities and a research centre.However human development is the responsibility of the local mayorwhose budget rarely stretches beyond a four-week study period for each individual. With seven academic centres focussing on telecommunications engineering it quickly became apparent that China was probably more advanced than the UK in this particular area whereasmanagement education was an area where we could be of help.
In 1998 the Premier of China paid astate visit to the UK and a member ofhis delegation was President LinJintong of Beijing University of Postsand Telecommunications (BUPT). AsChairman of the United Kingdom
Telecommunications Academy(UKTA), I was invited to present howthe UK could constructively help

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